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Promoting racing drivers, teams and events

Social Media Management for Motorsport

Blogging and social media websites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are fast becoming major players in how the world communicates. Try keying the word Motorsport in to the search bar of any of these networking sites; suddenly you'll find yourself plunged into the realm of thousands of users, potentially waiting to be directed to your site, team and sponsors.For existing fans with internet access, most, if not all, will already be aware of sites like Twitter and Facebook and regularly use them for keeping up to date with teams, drivers, events and championships.

Grid Media offer a range of services to capitalise on the social media phenomena.

Along with your day to day track work and sponsorship requirements, expanding awareness of your brand and keeping fans up to date can add to an already impossible schedule. That's why we offer a range of social media and web design management services to help balance your online activity. We integrate Facebook and Twitter into all our website designs, ensuring your brand is consistent across all platforms and can train both you, or your marketing team in how to get the best out of this simple, but effective form of marketing