Motorsport Sponsorship Marketing

  • Brand Development
  • Identify Potential Partners
  • Sponsorship Proposal Kits
  • Explore Leverage Possibilities
  • Identify Networking Opportunities
  • Hospitality Marketing


Making you and your brand an attractive investment for sponsors

Identify and increase sponsorship leverage

Securing Motorsport sponsorship is one of the most difficult off-track challenges any racing driver and team will face. Motorsport sponsorship has changed dramatically over the last decade. Long gone are the days where a logo on a race car and "hospitality packages" were seen as unique selling points. Business partnering in Motorsport has to offer an actual return on investment!

The business world now exists firmly rooted in the digital world of the Internet and social media, a place where hard data can be gathered on their customer demographics and investment in Motorsport partners can be measured. When a racing driver approaches a potential sponsor they need to be shown that a professional image its presented online and offline. Sponsors need to see how they may convert the drivers' social media followers into customers. If you do not have these online assets in place they will need to see firm plans for marketing strategies and oppourtunities.

The stark reality is Motorsport business partners and sponsors are not there to help you race! YOU are there to help the business to sell their product or service, YOU are there show them that your fans are their customers. If you are sending out 100's of templated sponsorship proposals, in a low-quality medium with no online marketing plan, your success rate is likely to be low.

We can help you with creating sponsorship proposals, making sure you have a professional image through brand development, from website design to Social Media Management.